Citizen CT-680GC Electronic Calculator


KEY FEATURESButton for Rounding OffButton for Deciding the Decimal Limit12-DigitAuto Replay112 Steps Replay2 Way Power112 Steps Check & CalculationBig Display00 KeyMUElectronic Human TouchDual Power: Solar Cell + AA Battery Cell (Included)High Qu..

  • Product Code:ST05
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Button for Rounding Off
Button for Deciding the Decimal Limit
Auto Replay
112 Steps Replay
2 Way Power
112 Steps Check & Calculation
Big Display
00 Key
Electronic Human Touch
Dual Power: Solar Cell + AA Battery Cell (Included)
High Quality Plastic Keys
Strong & Sturdy Metal Cover Design
Easy Input, Easy to Use, Easy to Operate
Suitable for High Volume Input
Portable, Easily Fits Bags
Durable, Long Lasting Heavy Duty Product
Light Weight, Weigh Less Than Average
Skid Proof Design, Great Handling
Virgin Plastic, High Quality Material
Simple, Elegant Product
100% Shock Proof, Advanced Technology

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