Class Five

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Bangla, Academy, Dictionary, (Bangla, to, Bangla), or, Samsad, Bangla, Abhidhan, (Shishu, Sahittya, Samsad, , Kolkata)

Bangla Academy Dictionary (Bangla to Ban...


Name: Bangla Academy Dictionary (Bangla to Bangla) or Samsad Bangla AbhidhanAuthor: Published by: Shishu Sahittya Samsad, Kolkata..

Black, Beauty, by, Anna, Sewell, (Puffin, Classic)

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (Puffin Clas...


Name: Black Beauty Author: Anna Sewell Published by: Puffin Classic, ISBN 13: 9780141321035A horse is a horse of course unless of course the horse is Black Beauty. Animal-loving children have been devoted to Black Beauty thro..

Computing, Studies, Class, V, (compiled, by, Scholastica)

Computing Studies Class V (compiled by S...


Name: Computing StudiesAuthor: Published by: Class V, compiled by Scholastica..

Discovering, Bangladesh, Book, II, (Ignite, publications, , 2013)

Discovering Bangladesh Book II (Ignite p...


Name: Discovering Bangladesh Book II  (to be used in higher class also) Author: Published by: Ignite publications, 2013..

Maths, in, Action, , Student's, Book, 1, by, D., Brown, , R.D, Howat, , E.C.K., Mullan, , K., Nisbet, , A.G., Robertson, (Nelson)

Maths in Action, Student's Book 1 by D. ...


Name: Maths in Action, Student's Book 1Author: D. Brown, R.D Howat, E.C.K. Mullan, K. Nisbet, A.G. RobertsonPublished by: NelsonThe Student Books address the learning outcomes specified in the Higher Still arrangements document and pro..

Number, the, Stars, by, Lois, Lowry, (Harper, Collins)

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (Harper C...


Name: Number the StarsAuthor: Lois LowryPublished by: Harper CollinsBook Overview Author Info and EventsAbout the BookA powerful story set in Nazi occupied Denmark in 1943. Ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen is called upon for a selfless ..

Ogni, Geography, Atlas, International, Edition, by, Khandakar, Hasan, Mahmud, (Nobarun, Publication)

Ogni Geography Atlas International Editi...


Name: Ogni Geography Atlas International Edition Author:  Khandakar Hasan MahmudPublished by: Nobarun Publication..

Secondary, English, Book, One, by, Sadler, Hayllar, (Peak, Publishing)

Secondary English Book One by Sadler Hay...


Name: Secondary English Book OneAuthor:  Sadler HayllarPublished by: Peak PublishingThis is the first book in the popular, comprehensive, integrated language and literature series for secondary students. It contains language work,..

Selected, Poems, Book, Five, (Ignite, Publications, Limited, , Revised, edition, , 2014)

Selected Poems Book Five (Ignite Publica...


Name: Selected Poems Book Five Author: Published by: Ignite Publications Limited, Revised edition, 2014..

Supplementary, Mathematics, Textbook, Class, Five, (Distributed, by, Printcraft, , Revised, Edition, 2013)

Supplementary Mathematics Textbook Class...


Name: Supplementary Mathematics Textbook Class FiveAuthor: Published by: Distributed by Printcraft, Revised Edition 2013..

The, Hound, of, The, Baskervilles, by, Sir, Arthur, Conan, Doyle

The Hound of The Baskervilles by Sir Art...


Name: The Hound of The BaskervillesAuthor:  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Published by: Puffin Classics,  ISBN: 978-0-141-32939-0Key Benefits:Fun immersive, way to learn English as a second language through engaging storiesSuit..

The, Oxford, History, Project, Book, 1, by, Peter, Moss, (OUP),

The Oxford History Project Book 1 by Pet...


Name: The Oxford History Project Book 1 Author: Peter MossPublished by: OUP  (repeat book, in use since Class IV)..

Understanding, Geography, 2, (Longman, , Singapore, Publication)

Understanding Geography 2 (Longman, Sing...


Name: Understanding Geography 2Author: Published by: Longman, Singapore Publication..

World, of, Science, 1, (OUP),

World of Science 1 (OUP)


Name: World of Science 1Author: Published by: OUP..

আমার, বাংলা, বইঃ, পঞ্চমভাগ, (New, Edition)

আমার বাংলা বইঃ ...


Name: আমার বাংলা বইঃ পঞ্চমভাগ (New Edition)Author: Published by: ..

দিপু, নাম্বার, টু, , মুহাম্মাদ, জাফর, ইকবাল

দিপু নাম্বার ট...


Name: দিপু নাম্বার টুAuthor: Published by: মুহাম্মাদ জাফর ইকবাল..

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