Class Eight

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1984, by, George, Orwell, (Little, Scholarz, Pvt., Ltd.)

1984 by George Orwell (Little Scholarz P...


Name: 1984 Author: George Orwell Published by: Little Scholarz Pvt. Ltd. (ISBN-10: 9383299231 ISBN-13: 9789383299232)..

King, Lear, by, William, Shakespeare, (Macmillan, Press, Ltd.)

King Lear by William Shakespeare (Macmil...


Name: King LearAuthor: William Shakespeare Published by: Macmillan Press Ltd.Includes the unabridged text of Shakespeare's classic play plus a complete study guide that helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the work's con..

Making, History, b, , Christopher, Culpin, , Revised, New, Edition

Making History b, Christopher Culpin, Re...


Name: Making History b,Author: Christopher Culpin, Revised New Edition Published by: Collins EducationalDesigned for GCSE modern world syllabuses, this ever-popular text brings alive world history from 1914 to the present. This bo..

New, Syllabus, Mathematics, 2, , Consultants, Prof., Lee, Peng, Yee, , Dr., Fan, Liang, Huo, , Teh, Keng, Seng, , Looi, Chin, Keong

New Syllabus Mathematics 2, Consultants ...


Name: New Syllabus Mathematics 2Author: Consultants Prof. Lee Peng Yee, Dr. Fan Liang Huo, Teh Keng Seng, Looi Chin KeongPublished by: Shinglee Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Printed 2004..

Pride, and, Prejudice, by, Jane, Austen, (Friends, Book, Corner)

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Frie...


Name: Pride and PrejudiceAuthor: Jane AustenPublished by: Friends Book Corner..

Secondary, English, Book, Four, by, Hayllar, Powell

Secondary English Book Four by Hayllar P...


Name: Secondary English Book FourAuthor:  Hayllar PowellPublished by: Peak PublishingThis book contains language work, clear-thinking strands, writing workshops, poetry strands and a special short dictionary.This is the last of fo..

Selected, Poems, Book, Eight, (Ignite, Publications, , 2015)

Selected Poems Book Eight (Ignite Public...


Name: Selected Poems Book EightAuthor: Published by: Ignite Publications, 2015..

Starting, Economics, by, G.F., Stanlake, (Longman, , 1998), , Seventh, Impression, 1999, , ISBN10:, 0582021898

Starting Economics by G.F. Stanlake (Lon...


Name: Starting Economics Author: G.F. StanlakePublished by:  (Longman, 1998), Seventh Impression 1999, ISBN10: 0582021898This book has all the familiar merits associated with this well-established author: a wealth of illustra..

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