Community Medicine

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Essentials of Community Medicine, Sures...


Community medicine is a very wide discipline of medical science. Its approach, extent, scope and dimensions are manifold. Medical students, paramedicals, nursing staff, health workers, health planners and health administrators are bound to be in touc..

Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Soci...


Contents: 1. Man and medicine: towards health for all. 2. Concept of health and disease. 3. Principles of epidemiology and epidemiologic methods. 4. Screening for disease. 5. Epidemiology of communicable diseases. 6. Epidemiology of chronic non-commu..

Principles of Preventive and Social Medi...


• Thoroughly revised and updated in this edition. • National Health Programs have also been thoroughly revised andupdated. New data have been incorporated, wherever applicable. • Latest SRS and census data have also been included. • Various domains t..

Sociology and Health Niraj Pandit


Name: Sociology and Health Author: Niraj Pandit..

Textbook of Biostatistics, B. K. Mahajan


In my more than 30 years of experience in teaching medical and health statistics at all levels, no other book was found more useful for medical under and postgraduate students and research workers (Hindi/English) so simple, brief yet comprehensive, b..

Textbook of Community Medicine, B. Shrid...


This book deals exhaustively with fundamentals of food sciences, entomology, rodentology, ecology, genetics, and health economics. It examines in detail the communicable and non-communicable diseases of public health importance and lays threadbare th..

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